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Joint sparing procedures/ Cartilage Restoration

Damage to joint cartilage, or damage to both the cartilage and the underlying bone, does not repair itself spontaneously and results in joint pain and poor function.

This type of damage is common after trauma and if left untreated can lead to osteoarthritis. The knee is the most commonly affected joint. Patients aged over 60 years with osteoarthritis are more likely to have total knee replacement, while their younger counterparts are more intrigued by techniques that promote regeneration of the native hyaline cartilage by the possibility of both repairing the tissue and allowing them to return to their previous activities. One such technique is autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI).

ACI is a technique for regenerating hyaline cartilage in a diseased or damaged area of a joint through the implantation of cartilage cells. The technique has been proven to show excellent long term results, both in terms of cartilage repair and helping patients return to their previous activity levels.

Top athletes will see optimum benefits from ACI provided they are willing to refrain from intensive training and competition for 9–12 months. This is particularly relevant if the athlete is approaching the end of his or her career and they want to maintain their quality of life afterwards.

    • The Osteoarticular Transfer System (OATS)

OATS procedure is a surgical technique to replace torn knee cartilage with a healthy one. A piece of damaged cartilage is replaced with healthy cartilage from a non weight-bearing area of the joint.
This treatment is only used for isolated areas of cartilage damage, usually limited to 10 – 20 mm in size. This type of damage is usually seen in younger patients (less than 50 years old) who experience a trauma to their joint.


How long is the recovery period following OATS procedure?
Full recovery takes almost a year. You can start low-impact sports in 8 months. But high-impact sports are suggested only after 12 months.

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